About Us

We come from humble beginnings, we know what hard work is all about.  Companies come to us to turn their hard work into strategic growth.

About the


We are a multi-industry holding company proudly headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. With a simple vision of finding small businesses with great ideas and joining their team, we’ve been capable starting with one small company, growing into 4 profitable companies with one vision of developing cohesive strategies through synergized teams, putting out great products and solid processes.


Kevward Investments

We take great products and develop amazing structure around it. When we find a company that is capable of scaling we step in and execute more focus on the back office and operational details. 

Whether its improvement with customer service processes or infrastructure we have a team has been capable of growing all of it’s companies with exponential results. 

Our Story

Little by little a little becomes a lot.


The Breakfast Corporation

The Breakfast Corporation is formed , to begin offering franchised locations to new Operators.



Our first investments in the NYSE were made this year and created the seed money needed to conduct the current level of day trading we execute.


The Breakfast Catering Co.

Catered Breakfast has now become much easier to get and more simplified.



Our first property was purchased and managed, creating our first asset under management.


The Breakfast Food Truck

A breakfast food truck is acquired and a brand is started.


Kevward Investments

A group of us got together with a common interest in growing and starting small businesses.

The Start​