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About Us

Trusting the Process

We’re all about focusing on the details in the processes surrounding the businesses we invest in.  Our targeted focus on establishing systems and standards allow us to help our brands scale quickly.  

Our firm focuses on investing in the owner of each business as much as we focus on the numbers.   What we look for are small business that have great concepts, a proven track record of acceptance and a leader that is open in change in the way of progress.

Technology is deeply woven into our systems and is our primary focus when developing new concept and expanding on existing ones.  We leverage our current network of customers and advertisement channels to introduce existing brands to new customers and establish clear sales strategies and bench marks for exceeding goals and maintaining a profitable P&L.


At the core of every business are the people who help run the day-to-day operations.  We understand that it’s important to hear what the people who keep things moving think and to incorporate their creativity and ideas into the business. 


When a business has a great product the results can be seen in the sales.  Every great organization has a solid product that its people are proud to stand behind and its customers can’t wait to experience again.  We focus on making that experience with our brand’s product consistent. 


In order to create a consistent product and support the people needed to produce that product we understand that at the root of the perfect execution lies a solid process.  We’re focused on improving processes to produce undeniable results. 

Our Brands

Our real estate investment firm, focusing on building single family properties and holding rental properties for single family homes. 

A quick service catering company focusing on making breakfast the most important meal of the day.  

An investment firm focusing on aggressive short term investments and providing high returns for our customers. 

What we’re doing here at Kevward Investments, LLC is quite simple.  We take great ideas and great potential and help make them viable businesses that our business operators can lead thriving lifestyles and build legacies on.